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I am a Freelance Photographer with over 35 years experience. I am primarily a people photographer and I enjoy creating artsy & conceptual photos. I am open to all ideas, suggestions and requests and I am willing to work with unique or touchy concepts (as long as they are legal). I also do Lifecastings; The art of making full-sized, 3-dimensional, exact, heirloom-quality duplicates of your hands, face, feet, legs, torso or pregnant belly. Any part of your body can be cast and finished in a style of your choosing (plaster, stone, resin, fiberglass, etc.) Cinematography: In addition to still photography I enjoy creating videos. I have started work on a series of Minute Movies. These are all video shorts (running 3 minutes or less) and cover a wide range of topics, but most of them are related to models and performers.

I am also going to be starting on a Food Section. This section will include Food images, recipes, restaurant reviews, and much more.

November 4th - 7th, 2016 | Arizona ShootOut - Glamour, Art, and Nude Model Photo Shoot

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