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Photography Equipment For Sale

I have a home studio type of set-up that I would like to sell. 3 strobes: Photogenic Powerlight 600 and 2 Studiomates, along with an Epson Stylus Photo R2880 Color Inkjet Printer.
The Powerlight 600 makes a great main light and the 2 Studiomate strobes work well for fill or background lights.
The printer is in excellent condition.            For more information on this set Click Here.

As a Speaker I currently provide talks that run from 15 minutes to full weekend events. My team and I cover topics including Goal-Setting, Time-Management/Scheduling, financial planning, Branding, Networking and much more.

I also have a Blog in which I am the lead writer and publisher. The Triangle Networking Blog covers both business and social networking in the Triangle area in NC. There are also articles on Goal-Setting, Time-Management and the other business related topics mentioned above.

I am a Freelance Photographer with over 30 years experience. I enjoy creating artsy & conceptual photos and I am open to all ideas, suggestions and requests. It's all about being creative! I am also willing to work with unique or touchy concepts (as long as they are legal).

I do Lifecastings; The art of making full-sized, 3-dimensional, exact, heirloom-quality duplicates of your hands, face, feet, legs, torso or pregnant belly. Any part of your body can be cast and finished in a style of your choosing (plaster, stone, resin, fiberglass, etc.)

I am the Founder of the Arizona Shootout. Created in 2001 the Arizona Shootout is an event for both beginners and amateurs to learn to be a better shooter as well as for seasoned pros to get new portfolio images. Additionally there are 2 or 3 photography workshops/seminars over the weekend and there is always someone to answer participants photographic questions.

Using Autoplay Music on Websites

Do you want to turn people off?

Do you want to make them leave your site within seconds of arriving there?

Do you want to leave people with absolutely No impression of your business - or worse - a bad impression?

Obviously the answer to these questions is a resounding NO!. And yet many people do something that turns away a huge majority of the viewers that come to their sites.

They put music that auto-plays on their front page.

When designing a website you have to take your prospects point of view. Think about what they are coming to your website for. If your site is a music site [band | artist | promoter | instrument | etc.] then by all means use your music. That is what people are coming there for. But if you aren't part of the music industry then don't use music. more ---->


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